Lady Elliot Island Wildlife

Lady Elliot Island Turtles At Sunset
Underwater Sea Life

One of sixteen coral cays in the southern Great barrier Reef, Lady Elliot Island is home to a plethora of native wildlife and vegetation. While some of the shrubbery are considered quintessential coral cay species, some herb and ornamental variants were brought in by the numerous lighthouse keepers who've managed the land over the years.

In the islands south-west region, a Pisonia forest nurtures a substantial Noddy bird rookery. Lady Elliot Island is one of the most vital seabird nesting locations in the Great Barrier Reef region, regularly attracting bird watching tourists. A pair of sea eagles are often spotted overhead, while watchers will regularly find birds such as the Buff Banded Rails, Silvereys and Ruddy Ternstones. Other birds spotted soaring above include the Mutton Birds, Frigate Birds and Booby Birds.

Home to around 150 unique plant species, the Great Barrier Marine Park is working to preserve and encourage consistent vegetation programs that support a robust mix of native flora. Among this vegetation lives a substantial population of green frogs and native butterflies.

Lady Elliot Island wildlife extends beneath the waves and visitors seeking unique marine life will be satiated with the 1,200 marine species found in the nearby reefs and lagoons. While larger animals such as dolphins, whales, fish and rays frequent the region, the reef is also home to myriad small and microscopic lifeforms. Sporting a combination of soft and hard corals, the waters are very clear and promise high visibility and bright sunlight; ideal conditions for snorkelling, diving and underwater photography.

Sitting within the protected 'Green Zone', the local reef is breathtakingly diverse and healthy with the East Australian Current encouraging the region to thrive. Lady Elliot Island wildlife include the 700 manta rays that live among the corals and the humpback whales who swim by during the May and November Antarctic migration. Lucky visitors may be lucky enough to experience a display of acrobatics or underwater whale song.